This is a greeting addressed not just to newcomers who will make this city their home, but also for those die hard NYC fanatics
who pay us a visit at least once a year, for those homeowners who saved for years to purchase properties and put their trust in our hands, for those who have spotted NYC as a strategic and durable investment destination, for those who confide their property to our sense of esthetics and interior design flair…

This is all about gathering people in Harmony and with passion in our company.

HarmoNYCity, our name speaks for itself and we are proud to meet up to your expectations.

When I started the company in 2003 by myself with just a phone line and a computer in my own apartment I didn’t mean to just provide a brokerage service, but had a vision of one day closing the circle, offering a full range of services related to our Real Estate industry. Not just finding you the right apartment, not just sell you the right piece of property but make sure you will be happy with your transaction and make sure that over the years you made the right choices as well as that an increase of value will come out years after years.

Today I am more than delighted; I put together an amazing team of hardworking people with the notion in mind to fully satisfy you with efficiency and passion, we all love our work and are always ahead of our time.

My agents are multilingual and multinational, a real asset in a city that speaks, believe it or not, as many as 800 languages  According to the New York Times,“While there is no precise count, some experts believe New York is home to as many as 800 languages — far more than the 176 spoken by students in the city’s public schools or the 138 that residents of Queens, New York’s most diverse borough”

HarmoNYCity stands out of your average Real Estate firm because we offer a different type of service.

There are many Real Estate companies who will be willing to work with you. So you’ve got to stop and ask yourself: “Who is going to truly have my interest at heart?”.

We possess the same knowledge, resources and skills of a bigger firm. Yet we are small enough to dedicate fully to your attention and needs.

What drives us is passion, dedication and ambition. And patience! Because we take the time to educate you on the market, neighborhoods and trends. And believe me, lots of realtors in NYC are always in a rush…at your depend.

We want to keep working hard to be recognized in the industry as a very efficient and ethical team.

And believe me, my team is one of the best around and we always work for our clientele’s best interest with a great deal of loyalty.

We know where we come from and we know how much we owe you as you come back to us, service after service, transaction after transaction, we build together a solid relationship and this is what makes us proud.

By showing us your trust and referring us to people, you help us build this strong tight(tight-knit team?) that empower my team and make us realize everyday that we love what we do, thanks to you.


For those new customers out there, contact us at we would be delighted if our future collaboration leads you to your next rental or residence.

For our loyal clientele, again please know that we love to represent you and will always be here to represent your best interest.

Again let me be among the first to stay welcome home, welcome to harmony.



President Broker