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HarmoNYCity will be pleased to work with you to rent or sublet your apartment in New York City.Through our years of experience we have maintained our excellent reputation by adhering to the following procedures:

  • All apartments we offer to clients must first be seen by one of our agents. We insist on taking our own pictures.
  • Upon acceptable qualification of the apartment by our agent, you will be given a listing agreement. This listing agreement will give our company the right to offer your apartment for rent or sublet.
  • When the listing agreement is completed and signed, we can begin to look for a potential client.
  • There is no charge to list your apartment with HarmoNYCity. To do so, please fill out the form below and one of our agents will contact you as soon as possible.


Sell with HarmoNYCity
  • A unique selling philosophy: inclusive is better than exclusive. At HarmoNYCity, we believe that optimal exposure comes through co-brokering, or “inclusive marketing.” When you list with us, your property not only receives exposure to our own real estate professionals, but a worldwide co-broker network.
  • Exceptional service experience: from the moment you list with HarmoNYCity, your agent takes ownership of the selling process — managing every detail of your sale from marketing your property, to coordinating open houses and providing continuous feedback on results.
  • Expertise in pricing or the art of accurate property evaluations: we share your goal of achieving the maximum possible price, and selling quickly and efficiently. We leverage the largest database of prices and sales information available. This experience, access and intelligence helps us formulate the most accurate pricing.
  • Selling Strategies: we combine a comprehensive and finely focused marketing program with professional management of the entire selling process to guarantee the broadest possible reach and most lucrative sale.  After extensive market research, we have selected a blend of on-line marketing, social media, print advertising, electronic and direct mail as well as public relations to maximize exposure for our clients’ properties. On-line Marketing, according to the National Association of Realtors, is where more than eighty-five percent of buyers begin their home searches on the internet. On our cutting-edge website,, users can research properties, use our mortgage calculator, find out about individual agents or learn more about a specific neighborhood.  In addition, we send regular mailings and emails to our lists of top cooperative, condominium and townhouse owners highlighting current market conditions, recent sales and new offerings.
  • Property staging: studies have shown that selling a well furnished/decorated apartment helps you get the most out of your property. That’s what we call in the industry the staging or the art of embellishing your property. When it comes to Real Estate, look is everything and everything has got to look just perfect as soon as you put a foot inside the property- we all know that first impression counts. The right amount of visual appeal, non-cluttered interior décor, a few artfully staged touches and quality photography can make the difference between a property that sells fast and one that languishes. When we represent you, we make sure that our HarmoNYCity interior design team provide with its expertise and bring its personal touch when we present the property. Feel free to review our portfolio in our Interior Design section.

Our team is uniquely able to help you in the sale of your current home.

Send us a message and we will provide you with a level of guidance and insight unavailable anywhere else.