Why Choosing Us


The core of our expertise is the residential Real Estate market all throughout New York City and especially in the boroughs of Manhattan and the best areas of Brooklyn.

On the sales market, as a “buyer’s broker” HarmoNYCity represents, in the buying process, a wide range of clientele, from foreign buyer to first time homeowner.

As a “seller’s broker” the company brings its expertise and experience to assure our seller to get the highest price for his property.
 Our team is vast and includes Real Estate lawyers, mortgage brokers, Insurers, interior designers and contractors.
It’s a point of honor for the company to offer extraordinary service to its clientele and to follow up closely as a team throughout the transaction.

The HarmoNYCity team will be very happy to help you with any of your Real Estate needs in NYC.


Buying a home with HarmoNYCity

Training and experience
All of our agents are experienced and committed to make any transaction a success. 
HarmoNYCity sales agents have received extensive training with the firm and have already close almost any type of real estate in the state of New York. We pride ourselves on having already brokered many of New York’s great houses and apartments: from a townhouse in Brooklyn where clients bought not only Real Estate but a piece of land to a Penthouse in a five star new development on Wall Street, we’re very eligible to bring you a great deal of help all throughout the transaction.

It’s a work that we have been performing with passion, dedication, integrity and commitment for many years.
Our clients trust and the long lasting relationship resulting in it, is our biggest reward and what encourages us to keep on improving.

Experts on the sales market but also attentive individuals
We equip and educate ourselves constantly so that you can always rely on the accuracy of the information we give you.
 The firm’s agents, geographically well situated throughout the city and boroughs, use their networks (both electronic and personal) as well as all the modern tools at their disposal to guarantee every customer the quickest and most complete access to New York’s finest properties.

We take our work very seriously but our job does not only consist in just matching you with the right property. As always, it goes way beyond as we are into making the extra mile for our clients in order to always bring them an unequalled quality of service.
We are passionate about our profession and each agent at HarmoNYCity perfectly understands that we are exercising a work of service, a work at your service that we do because we want to, not because we feel we have to. That’s what brought us together within the company.

We are not only passionate about our work but also passionate about people. We starve at finding unique and out of the box solutions to always satisfy them.

The vision we have on our work is that it’s not solely a business affair but firstly a human interaction that we greatly enjoy.

We work together as a team, our notion of partnership.
We don’t sell the promise that it’s all about you or it’s all about us but we believe it’s about the work we can accomplish together.
That’s why we are not just aiming at serving you with what you want or what you need, but we take an extra care in taking time to know who you are in order to find you the right property.

In order to complete our work together and make sure our transaction will be a smooth one, we can provide you with lists of professionals such as lawyers, engineers, insurers, mortgage brokers and lending institutions with broad experience in Manhattan real estate.

It is the result of the combination of our accurate knowledge of the New York Real Estate market, the listening and understanding aptitudes of our agents and the capacity to recommend you and bring around the table the best real estate professionals when it comes to choosing the right lawyer, accountant or insurer to assist you during the transaction that allow us to be competent. 

We chose to work for and with our clients as partners. 
As partners, we give ourselves a duty of transparency, integrity, honesty and clarity in everything we do and disclose all you need to know so that you have all the information you need to take the right decisions. 
We don’t sell the promise that it’s all about you as a client or it’s all about us but we believe it’s about the work we can closely accomplish together. That’s really the philosophy of HarmoNYCity.
No matter what your knowledge of the Real Estate market and your knowledge of New York City is, our agents, by their open-minded spirit, seriousness, professionalism and expertise will take an extra care in informing, educating and guiding you during the entire process, step by step.
We have also developed and put at your service practical tools to help you familiarize with the New York Real Estate Market and help you take educated decisions.  You can find them on our website or ask one of our agent who will send you a copy.
Our expertise and presence does not stop at the closing of the transaction, that is actually where our partnership starts.

Download our Purchase Guide here


Selling a home with HarmoNYCity

A unique selling philosophy
Inclusive is better than exclusive. At HarmoNYCity, we believe that optimal exposure comes through co-brokering or “inclusive marketing.” When you list with us, your property not only receives exposure to our own Real Estate professionals, but a worldwide co-broker network.

Exceptional service experience
From the moment you list with HarmoNYCity, your agent takes ownership of the selling process, managing every detail of your sale from marketing your property to coordinating open houses and providing continuous feedback on results.

Expertise in pricing or the art of accurate property evaluations
We share your goal of achieving maximum possible price, and selling quickly and efficiently. We leverage the largest database of prices and sales information available. This experience, access and intelligence helps us formulate the most accurate pricing.

Selling Strategies
We combine a comprehensive and finely focused marketing program with professional management of the entire selling process to guarantee the broadest possible reach and most lucrative sale. 

After extensive market research, we have selected a blend of on-line marketing, social media, print advertising, electronic and direct mail as well as public relations to maximize exposure for our clients’ properties. On our cutting-edge website, harmonycity.com, users can research properties, use our mortgage calculator, find out about individual agents or learn more about a specific neighborhood.
In addition, we send regular mailings and emails to our lists of top cooperative, condominium and townhouse to owners, highlighting current market conditions, recent sales and new offerings.

Properties staging
Studies have shown that selling a well furnished/decorated apartment help you get the most out of your property. That’s what we call in the industry, the staging of an apartment. When we represent you, we make sure that our HarmoNYCity interior design team provide with its expertise and bring its touch when we present the property!

Once again, it is our special mix of experience, market knowledge, marketing tools and passion for the detail that will help to reach together the maximum possible price for your property.

We are looking forward to working with you.



Before my acquisition, I had no idea the kind of apartment I needed. I only knew I wanted a typical NY loft with brick walls, high ceilings in a cool neighborhood. In a first step, my Harmonycity agent pre-selected for me a very large listing in several areas of the City & different types of buildings so I could sharpen my criteria. After this first 3 months period, my agent accompanied me many times to visit at least 12 apartments… He was
so patient! Available each time I needed him to help me make my offers, to negotiate with the buyer’s agents. My 13th visit and second offer were the good one: I now have the NYC loft of my dreams! A great thank you to Matthieu and his wonderful team!

– Herve P. (France)

I was looking for an apartment to buy and I started by doing my research looking into a lot of properties listed online…attended to several open houses…was dealing with 5 different brokers at the time. It was not being easy. I met Matthieu from Harmonycity; explained to him what I was looking for. He not only was the first person to truly grasp the concept of what I was looking for, but he also found this apartment that was in one word “perfect” and met all of my needs; it was right on target!! Everything worked out very quickly and in a matter of days, I was set and got my apartment.
I highly recommend his services to anyone coming to town and looking for the perfect place. Matthieu has extremely good taste and it’s a pleasure to deal with him and his company.

– Giovanna C. (Brazil) , living now in Brooklyn, NY

Matthieu has a unique ability to secure interest of a wide variety of investors.  His ability to speak in other languages has also been an asset to his practice.  I have closed with Matthieu in the past with minimal if any difficulty and recommend him highly.

– Jerry Minsky
Senior Vice President
Prudential Douglas Elliman

Matthieu represents a lot of foreign investors/owners on NY real estate purchases.  He’s a super nice and honest guy to deal with.  Not sure where your friend hails from, but Matt is French.  Highly recommended.

Mark H. (USA)