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Welcome to Motown

Buying in Detroit right now as a lot of similarities with buying in Brooklyn a decade ago. 

Detroit Real Estate is an amazing investment opportunity if you are a risk-tolerant, assertive investor willing to put in the effort to check every last detail of a home (and every tenant) to the nth degree. 

For an investor who mixes risk tolerance with diligence and patience, the potential rewards are above and beyond.

But you are not alone! This is were we team-up with you to make your investment as stress free as possible:

Our seasoned property manager team based in Detroit handles everything for you Investors from out of town and from overseas. It has years of experience in the market, knows the local laws and requirements, and can protect your property and grow your ROI while you are doing other things. We wouldn't offer you a foot in Detroit Real Estate if it was for this local expertise. We will place outstanding tenants, keep your property well-maintained, and ensure you’re receiving your rental payments every month.

Our team based in New York City will over look all of that and be the bridge, if needed, between you and our Detroit team. We have been helping foreigners purchase property in New York since 2004, we are very familar with all the legal, admistrative and fiscal aspects of Real Estate in the United States. 

From New York to Detroit

In its midcentury boom years, when Motown ruled the airwaves and the big three ruled the roads, Detroit defined America. But, in the subsequent decades, no city fell farther, or harder. Now, they said  a much-publicized revival is unfolding there.

It started with curiosity, why not go there and see for ourselves if in Detroit, the future is still being written ?

What if on top of this desire to go see for ourselves, manwhile, we bump into an old accountance who started to Invest in Motown?

This is how in June 2018 we ended-up purchasing a few properties in a week-end and started our Michigan adventure alongside a solid, experienced local team.

The creative and new energy growing in Detroit offers the best investment opportunities. 

Since a new political direction took place a few years ago, Detroit is accomplishing its revival in the US economy.

Based on its historical grounds, Detroit is bursting with execptional building quality linking ultra modern projects to a strong identity. 

Our offers

Detroit's premium neighborhoods are growing nicely due to many commercial and city utility developments. 

We are renovating many quality brick houses in those specific areas. Tenants are selected on strong screening to offer turnkey properties as packages. We are offering houses portfolio packages, from one house to a group of houses, we offer diverse offers to meet your needs.

Purchased $65,000, currently rented for $950
Screen Shot 2018-10-10 at 10.32.55

Purchased $70,000, currently rented for $950

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