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Property Management

Managing a property can be stressful and time consuming and does require experience and various skills. It is also a full time job and you don't improvise a property manager. That’s where HarmoNYCity offers to replace you in all the different tasks related to the daily life of your property.

Whether you chose to use your property as a pied-à-terre or you bought it as a pure investment; weather you live in our beloved city or are physically far away, we are here to manage all the different aspects of your property.

By hiring us, you are assured that someone is taking care of your property 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and we work hard so that you won’t have to worry about any stress and only enjoy the fruits of our partnership. We praise ourselves to provide a five star service and always go the extra miles to satisfy your needs.

What do we do to help you?

HarmoNYCity provides property management to single unit or multiple unit Landlords in the following areas:

How do we help you?
  • Advertisement of the property through our cutting-edge website and other media/marketing supports

  • Finding and meeting the qualified tenants/buyers and selection of the right candidate

  • Investigating the prospective tenants general data and bank credit history

  • Drawing leases and other rental agreements/Inventory

  • Process the move-in and move-out walkthroughs

  • Help fix the right rental/selling price for your property according to reliable market data. Constantly reevaluating rent

  • Settling any and all kinds of disputes arising between the owners and the buyers or the tenants. We can also recommend qualified legal help if needed

  • Rent collection and deposits on your account

  • Handling the financial operations by preparing periodical financial reports to the owners

  • Controlling and payments of bills

  • Assisting in setting up automatic payments for the different utility services (electricity, gas, cable TV and internet). The same applies to the City Real Estate tax payments and other building’s management common charges

  • Assisting in contracting the right insurance company to insure your property

  • Representing you at annual meeting of the building and get your voice heard at election of board members (through our proxy’s representation).

  • Collecting copies of annual financials

Administratif and financial management
Technical management
  • Keeping the property in perfect condition to make sure it gets the most of its value in the market

  • Scheduling maid services between/during tenancies

  • Taking care of all the unit’s maintenance and repair. Hiring the right contractors/technicians only after consulting you and getting approval from you.

  • Following-up and helping with insurers in case of damages

Why do you need our expertise?

You need someone in the local area who has experience in the market, knows the local laws and requirements, and can protect your property and grow your ROI while you are doing other things.

Leaving your property under our care is giving yourself the luxury of a high degree of peace of mind and assuring the optimal profitability of your property and a legal and efficient book-keeping of it.

Our management team takes care of everything for you guaranteeing seriousness in management, tight monitoring of the previously mentioned tasks, precision and accuracy on a long-term basis.
Thanks to the rigor of that daily management, your property always stays “ready to use, ready to live, ready to sale”.

We are available to discuss with you the right management formula for your property while respecting your interests.

Services are available separately or combined to suit your needs.


Harmonycity is an agency I have been working with for more than 10 years. They are very professional, attentive and scrupulous both in the search for tenants and in the subsequent management, understanding the needs of customers and used to working with prestigious properties and high-level customers. It is always nice to work with them. 

Renata S., PhD, Rome, Italy

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