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Staging your property 

We like to say that you don’t buy style!

If you want to dress for a big event, you will have your best outfit retouched or best hire a stylist.

The same goes for properties, you will need to bring your A game to present it the best you can. In the biggest stage that is New York City, you can't afford a single mistake.


Its been over a decade we said it and done it, it is imperative for Sellers to rely on the expertise and knowledge of a professional Real Estate Stager.


A property staged by HarmoNYCity interior design immediately becomes more marketable and more approachable to the buying masses.  

By listing a property without Staging it first, a Seller is helping to sell the competition.  By leaving a property in “as is” condition, the Seller opens the door for price reduction.

We certainly don’t want none of that.  

The financial investment for Staging and Showcasing a property will never be as much as the property’s first price reduction – and the return will translate into tens of thousands of dollars. we have done it, we have proved it.

And guess what, with us there is no financial Investment from your part since we cover all of that.

Why staging an apartment before puting it for sale?
Select stagings by HarmoNYCity
Vision loft condo, 124 West 18th Street

Townhouse Duplex, Fort Greene, Brooklyn

Select HarmoNYCity collaborations 

For Owners that want to freshen up the look and design of their homes without spending a lot of money, we offer our Re-Design service. Using many – or all – of the owner’s furnishings and accessories, HarmoNYCity interior design will rearrange one or more of the rooms to create a fresh and inviting space that Owners can proudly call home – again.


Where we distinguished ourselves from the competition is that we do all of that free of charges, all we ask is a short period of time of exclusive representation to prove you how effective we are.

By working continuously with classic brand names such as Cassina, Flos, Moroso, ligne rose, Benjamin Moore paints… and collaborating with locals shops, world knowns light designers and artists we assure that our expertise is on point with current trends.


@kevinvast / photographer


@lightismore_paris / Light designer


@oustal__ / woodworking & furniture designer


@tomal_thomas_labarthe / painter


If you mandate us to sell your property:



Initial payment: ZERO

Staging reimbursement the day you closing: thousands of dollars


Initial payment: ZERO

Staging reimbursement the day you closing: ZERO

Yes you got it right, unlike anyone in the Industry, we do your staging free of charges!

The behind the scene of a staging
Realistically, how does it works



What we did here is that the decor in this bedroom was pretty heavy and very personnal, our seller had leave there for years, so the idea was that to bring more neutrality to it.

Never forget that a staging is not designed to please the seller, nor to please us!

A good stager as always in mind to please the majority of potential buyers.

Our experience tells us what the trends are, to incitate people to like our space and make sure they feel well the minute they enter while leaving room to their creativity. 

Here we went for a heavy and very personnal room (blue walls) to something minimalist and nutral with white walls and a touch of personnalisation (a distinguished painting above the bed and a fun pillow).

When you stage you want to let the mind of the potential buyer wander while feeling good in our space.

I have worked with HarmoNYCity several different times.  They have a great eye and know what I’m looking for when staging a property.  They also have a great ability to do everything quickly and for a very reasonable price.   They work very hard at creating a warm and inviting space.   I would and will use HarmoNYCity again.  

Jonathan Tager, Licensed Associate Real Estate Broker at Corcoran

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