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Residential Real Estate

As a true full-service boutique Real Estate company, we are dedicated to meeting the diverse and unique needs of our valued clients.

We offer an impressive array of services that can be tailored to meet each person’s individual needs and assist buyers and sellers in every aspect of their Real Estate journey.


We are progressive and proactive, that’s why we are constantly working on perfecting our offerings with the goal of keeping and exceeding our promise to bring clients quality and personalized services to help you achieve your real estate project, no matter what it is.

Buying and Selling

Buying and Selling has been at the core of HarmoNYCity's expertise since 2004. Since inception, HarmoNYCity has transacted over $50M of Real Estate in the State of New York where we are licensed. 

We have in-depth experienceand market knowledge to help local and international clients make purchases in the five boroughs.

Should we represent you in selling your property, we will expertly price, market and even stage your property (check our Staging section) so that it attracts the greatest number of qualified buyers and generates the highest possible offer in a timely manner.

Should you want us to assist you throughout the buying processess, we will provide you with the information, guidance and in-depth market expertise we acquired to help you navigate the market and successfully purchase your desired property.

We also have established relationships with a solid network of elite Real Estate professionals such as attorneys, accountants, insurance companies, mortgage brokers, etc in order to provide you with an extra level of guidance and representation whether you are a seller or buyer.

"HarmoNYCity has a unique ability to secure the interest of a wide variety of investors. Their ability to speak other languages has also been an asset to their practice. I have closed with them in the past with minimal if any difficulty and recommend them highly."

Jerry Minsky, Senior Vice President at PRUDENTIAL DOUGLAS ELLIMAN


The following is a list of selected sold properties in which HarmoNYCity has represented the seller, the buyer, or both:

84 Horatio Street, #2B, New York, NY

224 East14th Street, #3, New York, NY,

112 West 72nd Street, #10D, New York, NY

112 West 72nd Street, #8D, New York, NY

350 West 50th Street, #3HH, New York, NY

476 Union Avenue, PHA, Brooklyn, NY

888 Fulton Street, #4A, Brooklyn, NY

388 Bridge Street, #4D, Brooklyn, NY

31 West 11th Street, #5B, New York, NY

426 West Broadway, #4F, New York, NY

159 West 53rd Street, #23H, New York, NY

1600 Broadway, PH6B, New York, NY

241 Fifth Avenue, #16B, New York, NY

15 William Street, #20A, New York, NY

350 West 42nd Street, #19A, New York, NY

350 West 42nd Street, #32B, New York, NY

216 East 47th Street, #11B, New York, NY

383 Carlton Avenue, #9E, Brooklyn, NY

383 Carlton Avenue, #PHW, Brooklyn, NY

38 Meserole Street, #, Brooklyn, NY

350 West 42nd Street, #54E, New York, NY

1 Hanson Place, #19L, Brooklyn, NY

350 West 50th Street, #3L, New York, NY

41 Spring Street, #5AR, New York

350 West 50th Street, #32A, New York, NY

388 Bridge Street, #34C, Brooklyn, NY

60 West 13th Street, #6F, New York, NY

160 Wooster Street, #4B, New York, NY

1240 Bedford Avenue, #5A, Brooklyn, NY

355 Clinton Avenue, #11D, Brooklyn, NY

159 West 53rd Street, #23H, New York, NY

350 West 42nd Street, #22K, New York, NY

184 Thompson Street, #6D, New York, NY

396 3rd Street, #15

500 Waverly Avenue, #5E, Brooklyn, NY

218 West 14th Street, #7W, New York, NY

135 Carlton Avenue, #1, Brooklyn, NY

75 Wall Street, PHL6, New York, NY

124 West 18th, 3rd Floor, New York, NY

455 East 86th Street, #5E, New York, NY

60 West 13th Street, #6F, New York, NY

350 West 50th Street, #3HH, New York, NY

121 West 19th Street, #8D, New York, NY

5A Saint Felix Street, Brooklyn, NY, 11217



If you are a prospective Tenant, we will work closely with you and expertly accompany you throughout every step of the rental process from neighborhood selection and presentation, apartment selection, document preparation, negotiation, and lease signing. 

If you are an Owner, whether you wish to rent your apartment to generate income long-term or temporarily, HarmoNYCity will guide you through the process and help you maximize the return on your property by finding a qualified and reliable tenant. In addition to acting as a broker for owners, we also offer property management services throughout the rental to ease the burden of day to day obligations. For more information, please see the "Property Management" section.

Why choose us?

At HarmoNYCity our main goal is to transform any transaction into a true client experience.

An experience of Quality, Expertise and Professionalism:

Quality involves for us putting our skills, tools, and experience to your service to fulfill your needs.

We equip and educate ourselves constantly so that you can always rely on the accuracy of the information we give you.

We utilize all tools and resources in our possession and on the market to bring you knowledge as well as the best insights you need to close the deal.

A full suite of cut-made services:

All our activities and services are developed with a client-centric approach.

We are progressive and proactive. That’s why we constantly seek to improve our services with always the same ambition: keeping and exceeding our promise to bring you quality and personalized services to help you achieve your Real Estate project, no matter what it is.

The result? In addition to Residential rentals and sales and Property Management, our services also include Interior Design and Staging.

An experience of Partnership:

“Trust can't be bought, it has to be earned."

At HarmoNYCity, we strongly believe in partnering with our clients.

We are truly committed to putting your interests first and defending it above all other considerations. We prioritize your long-term interests, over executing a one-time transaction that maximizes our fees. We have no interest in just having clients with whom we execute a succession of one-time deals and stop when we get a pay check.

Instead, we want to build long lasting relationships with our clients based on trust, commitment, dedication and integrity. 

We have no interest in witholding information from you and damaging that trust.

As partners, we pledge to be trasnparent and honest with you, and we will supply you with all relevant information you need.

We are here to inform, guide, assist, and educate you about the Real Estate process in New York.

We won't sell the promise that it’s all about you as a client or it’s all about us, but we believe it’s about the work we can closely accomplish together. That’s really the philosophy of HarmoNYCity.

An experience of dedication to and close collaboration with clients.

We understand that buying, selling, or finding a rental property can be a stressful experience so we do our best to make it happen seamlessly.

We work at your service because we want to, not because we feel we have to.

We work hard for our clients and we use our time so that you can save yours.


We are looking forward to working with you.

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